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Curated resources to help support chapter leaders to deliver effective benefits to their membership.

Forming a Chapter

IEEE Computer Society Chapter FundingThe IEEE Computer Society has two types of chapters that can be formed: professional and student.

  • Start a chapter.  Please visit our Start a Chapter page to learn more.
  • File for reimbursement. Newly created Computer Society chapters can be reimbursed for chapter expenses up to $150 (when approved by the local chair).

Please submit the Chapter Funds Request Form to

Funding & Support

Guest Speaker. Need a speaker for your event? Make sure to visit our Distinguished Visitor Page


Chapter Grants Program: Chapter activities and events are the lifeblood of our membership and the IEEE Computer Society is excited to support chapters with funds to help make extraordinary chapter events possible.

  • Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and reviewed on a rolling basis. Selected proposals will favor applications that propose meaningful chapter activities and document a path to chapter growth.
  • Applications can be submitted for small (up to $500), a medium ($500 to $1000), or large grants ($1000 to $2000 ). In lieu of monetary funds chapters applications may be submitted for a 12 month Zoom Meeting license. Larger grants should show how the planned activities will impact the chapter, the Computer Society and/or the world.
  • Funds are limited so chapters are encouraged to plan out yearly activities and apply early. Chapters may apply for more than one grant.
  • To apply for a chapter grant a chapter officer must fill out the Chapter Grant Request Form.
  • Final report: A final report will be required within 30 days of completing your activity. Information, regarding how to submit the final report, will be provided to those who receive the grant.

Core Funding: Each Section Chapter should receive a minimum of USD $200 from their Section. Additional funding is at the section’s discretion, and chapters may need to submit a budget or meet other requirements to receive it. Contact your section chair for a full list of requirements. The Computer Society will match that with USD $200 (provided chapters meet the qualifications).

  • Be an IEEE Computer Society Section Chapter or Joint Section Chapter
  • Have a Chapter Chair for 2022 registered with IEEE Officer Reporting
  • Be active in running technical activities
  • Have run and reported at least 2 technical activities in 2021 OR have run and reported two technical activities by May 2022 Complete the IEEE Computer Society Chapter Funding Form

Incentive Funding: As a reward for Section Chapters and Joint Chapters that are best advancing our strategic goals, they will be provided with additional funding. This will be determined using the point system below.

  • 23 Chapters will get USD $650 instead of USD $200
    • This includes the top chapter from each regional grouping
    • The runner-up in each of the three regional groupings with the most chapters
    • The next top 13 chapters anywhere in the world
  • 50 Chapters will get USD $300 instead of USD $200
    • The top 3 chapters from each of R5&6 (Southwest and Western US), R8 (EMEA), and R10 (APAC)
    • The top 2 chapters from each of R1&2 (Northeast and Eastern US), and R3&4 (Southeast and Central US)
    • The top chapter from R7 (Canada) and R9 (Latin America)
    • The next top 35 chapters anywhere in the world
  • How to Earn Points
    • Officer and committee reporting
    • 3 points for naming and reporting a treasurer or secretary/treasurer
    • 1 point each for up to 4 additional appointments
    • Attending GAC, regional and area committee meetings
    • 3 points for attending a general chapter chairs meeting
    • 3 points for attending a regional or area committee meeting
    • 1 additional point for attending more than 2 GAC, regional, or area committee meetings by the end of May 2022.
    • Organizing technical meetings and events
    • 2 points for each technical meeting the chapter arranges between January and May 2022 up to a total of 4 meetings
    • 1 additional point for each of up to 2 meetings beyond that.
    • Other activities in support of the CS strategic plan
    • 3 points if at least one activity involves targeted participation by industry or outreach to members in industry
    • 3 points if at least one activity is geared to Early-Career members.

Awards & Contests

IEEE Computer Society Member AwardsThe IEEE Computer Society has various recognition opportunities for professionals and students participating in our chapters. We encourage everyone to apply or nominate a colleague for an award, scholarship, and contests.

Distinguished Visitor Program

IEEE Computer Society Distinguished SpeakerInvite an accomplished leader in computing and tech to your next chapter event. Visit our Distinguished Visitor Program page for more information on the application process. The Computer Society will also fund the travel of speakers to visit both Student and Professional Chapters.

Software and Services for Student Chapters

IEEE Computer Society Student Member ServicesAlthough CS membership is not required to participate in student chapter events, we encourage students to become CS members and unlock access to various additional resources that can help you start your computing career. CS Student membership offers students:

IEEE Computer Society Brand Guide

The IEEE Computer Society LogoIEEE Computer Society’s brand guide includes important guidelines for a cohesive identity and voice. This includes logos, typefaces, and colors.

Download IEEE Computer Society Brand Guide.

Contact IEEE Computer Society

To have a more in depth understanding of chapter benefits and resources, view the Chapters Learning Webinar. If you have any questions regarding Chapter Resources, please contact Kerry Cosby.

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