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[1] Vision: STCs must be innovative, elastic or agile online communities, striving to be financially self-sustainable, and self-managed.

[2] Mission: The mission of every STC as long term, social network-based, self-sustaining entities shall be to focus on an innovative concept, usually related to an emerging technology to formulate specific, related products and services that will advance the mission of the Computer Society.

[3] The goals must be measurable, and directly related to the purpose and scope. A recommended best practice for the definition of goals might be to follow the “SMART criteria,” i.e., be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. (See for more detailed information.) Having SMART goals can help both the STC and the STC GC understand what the STCs objectives are, and when they have been (or are likely to) be met. An STC may revise its goals over time.