Technical Committee on Digital Libraries

The TC on Digital Libraries (TCDL) promotes research in the theory and application of digital library technologies. Issues of interest include: Searching and browsing; Indexing for multimedia objects; Authoring, scripting and capturing systems; Resource discovery; User interface; Collaborative research; Information representation; Intelligent agents; Workflow; Telecommunication and networking; Interoperability; Scalability; Content storage  and distribution; Protection of intellectual property and user privacy; and Accounting, billing and payment systems. The TC sponsors activities that benefit its members and profession. Such activities include sponsoring symposiums, sessions in large conferences, tutorials and publication of a newsletter. RELATED TCs are: Multimedia Computing; Distributed Processing; Data Engineering; Computer Communication; Mass Storage Systems; Computer Graphics; Security and Privacy.

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Digital Libraries TC Chair:

Sally Jo Cunningham, PhD – Biosketch and Position Statement

Waikato University
Computer Science Department
Hamilton, New Zealand