2020 Reviewer Thanks
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing is grateful for the contributions of our excellent reviewers.

The articles in IEEE Annals of the History of Computing are the result of hard work by many people. We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who reviewed the many articles submitted to the magazine last year. The peer review process helps maintain the magazine’s high standard of quality. All of us in the tech history community owe gratitude to the small and dedicated group of people who participate in this crucial service. If you would like to contribute as a reviewer, visit our Peer Review page to find out how to get involved.
— IEEE Annals of the History of Computing’s editorial board and staff

Janet Abbate
Gerard Alberts
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
David Brock
Martin Campbell-Kelly
James Cortada
Ivan da Costa Marques
N. Dayasindhu
Ragnar Fjelland
Slava Gerovitch
David Grier
Jonathan Grudin
Thomas Haigh
David Hemmendinger
Hunter Heyck
Adrian Johnstone
Shreeharsh Kelkar
Devin Kennedy
Peggy Aldrich Kidwell
Irina Krayneva
Josh Lauer
Ivan Marques
Eden Medina
Thomas Misa
Dylan Mulvin
Brad A. Myers
Laine Nooney
Petri Paju
Nikiforos Panourgias
Craig Partridge
Elizabeth Petrick
Alex Preda
Mark Priestley
Fabian Prieto Nanez
Yvan Prkachin
Brian Randell
Andrew Russell
Molly Sauter
Martin Schmitt
Alana Staiti
Luke Stark
Doron Swade
Lana Swartz
Mate Szabo
Chloe Taft
Mirko Tavosanis
Janet Toland
John Tucker
Gili Vidan
David Walden
Michael Williams
Jeffrey Yost
Hannah Zeavin