Thank you to our 2021 Reviewers
Computing in Science and Engineering is grateful for the contributions of our excellent reviewers.

The articles in Computing in Science and Engineering are the result of hard work by many people. We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who reviewed the many articles submitted to the magazine last year. The peer review process helps maintain the magazine’s high standard of quality. All of us in the computing community owe gratitude to the small and dedicated group of people who participate in this crucial service. If you would like to contribute as a reviewer, visit the peer review page for magazines to find out how to get involved.
Computing in Science and Engineering‘s editorial board and staff

Iftekhar Ahmed
James Ahrens
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Torey Battelle
Maximilian Becker
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Graham Berriman
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John Conroy
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Subhasis Dasgupta
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Ian Hawke
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