Call for Nominations: IEEE Intelligent Systems’ "AI's 10 to Watch" Award

IEEE Intelligent Systems solicits nominations for its 2022 “AI’s 10 to Watch” award. Winners will appear in a special section of the magazine.

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IEEE Intelligent Systems has promoted emerging AI leaders through its prestigious “AI’s 10 to Watch” award since 2006. In each biennial competition, about 80 aspiring AI stars from all over the world are put through the highly competitive selection process until the top 10 are chosen. Many of them have become renowned AI leaders. View the 2018 winners and the 2020 winners.

For the 2022 competition, we are making some significant adjustments to make the award even more competitive and selective, given the rapidly developing and broad-reaching new age of AI. The nomination criteria are as follows:

  • Nominees will have received their PhD in 2012 or later (i.e., they are within 10 years of PhD graduation).
  • Nominees will have already demonstrated globally recognized and significant scientific or engineering contributions to one or more areas of AI.
  • Nominees must complete the 2022 “AI’s 10 to Watch” nomination form and provide a full CV.
  • Nominees will have three support letters, including one from an employer and two from renowned AI experts in the area.

IEEE Intelligent Systems will assemble a diverse selection committee that consists of prominent AI leaders from a variety of AI subfields and different geographic regions of the world. Note that previous “AI’s 10 to Watch” awardees cannot reapply.

Please help us share this exciting opportunity as widely as possible and encourage the aspiring next-generation AI scientists and engineers worldwide to apply for this prestigious award.