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  • Network, engage, and collaborate with other students and professionals in computer science and other technologies. As a student member, you’d be able to access competitions, scholarships, grants and awards, and take advantage of the opportunity to present research at 215+ conferences worldwide.
  • Local Student Chapters provide members and other colleagues a place to come together to help advance their field, exchange ideas, share their experiences, and build career-long relationships.
  • Among the most valuable benefits student membership provides is full access to the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. Gain access to exclusive research and insights in computer science and engineering whenever, wherever you are.


Supplement your studies with real-world educational opportunities. Computer science professionals require continued education in addition to degrees in higher education and/or extensive work experience. Learn the latest methodology and technology in your career path to help prepare for after college.

Focus Areas

Career opportunities in computer science and engineering vary widely. The Computer Society provides resources to help students navigate the landscape in academia and private industry worldwide.

Careers in Computer Science and Computer Engineering Career Guide: How to Determine if You Should Be a Computer Research Scientist
Software Engineering Podcast on Career Strategy

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Soft Skills

Successful engineers often need good communication and collaboration skills. Developing soft skills, like communication, empathy, and conflict resolution, can help improve your career prospects. Take advantage of these resources designed to improve soft skills for computing professionals.

  • Build Your Career Webinars These monthly interactive webinars allow live viewers to ask questions directly to speakers on careers paths and tips to practice their soft skills.

  • Tech News for Career Development Visit our blog specifically tailored to help computer science and engineering students like you start their career. Read interviews from top tier professionals like Susan Landau.

Student Awards & Scholarships

US $40,000+ are available to computer science and engineering students every year.

We host 3 awards dedicated to honoring student members with academic and volunteering achievements. These are open to both undergraduate and graduate student members.

  • Richard E. Merwin Scholarship
  • Lance Stafford Larson Paper Contest
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

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Challenge your skills and collaborate on new educational experiences with other passionate students in computing. Expand your network with other Computer Society student members to find future job opportunities in your specific field.