IEEE Quantum Announces the CEO Summit on Quantum Computing Scheduled for 1 December 2021
Registration is free for this exclusive online conference featuring unique, thought-provoking insights from the global quantum computing thought leaders from industry, government, and academia

LOS ALAMITOS, CA, 24 November 2021IEEE Quantum, the leading community for quantum computing conferences, research and education programs, today announced the CEO Summit on Quantum Computing. This special conference brings together the chief executives and extraordinary innovators shaping the expanding quantum computing ecosystem. Discussion topics will include: High Performance Computing Meets Quantum Computing; The Business Case for Quantum Computing; Building a Quantum Computing Business; Quantum Computing: The Next 10 Years; The Future of Quantum Computing Software; Quantum Computing: Sustainability and Cybersecurity; and, much more. This one-day summit is scheduled for 1 December 2021 at 10 a.m. ET. To access the live broadcast, please click here.

“Quantum computing is a super-exciting space! The CEO Summit on Quantum Computing is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain extraordinary insights on the many advantages of quantum computing from the global vanguard of thought leadership,” said Maëva Ghonda, conference chair and chair of the Quantum AI Institute. “The quantum computing market is at the outset of a period of explosive growth, with the potential to create new industries and to transform existing ones. The invited experts will offer a comprehensive compendium vis-à-vis the current state of the industry as well as the far-ranging future impacts of this blossoming technology. ”

Following the conference chair’s opening remarks, the CEO Summit on Quantum Computing program will feature exclusive keynote interviews, roundtable discussions, and expert presentations from the global thought leaders of industry, government, and academia:

  • Rob Hays, Chief Executive Officer and President, Atom Computing
  • Matt Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, QC Ware
  • John Martinis, Chief Executive Officer, Quantala
  • Vikram Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, QuintessenceLabs
  • Michele Mosca, Chief Executive Officer, evolutionQ
  • Taro Shimada, Chief Executive Officer of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation; Chief Executive Officer of Toshiba Data Corporation, and Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Toshiba Corporation
  • Mark Nicholas Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Molecular Quantum Solutions
  • John Levy, Chief Executive Officer, Seeqc
  • Michael Marthaler, Chief Executive Officer, HQS Quantum Simulations
  • Nir Minerbi, Chief Executive Officer, Classiq Technologies
  • Masayoshi Terabe, Head of Quantum Transformation (QX), Sumitomo Corporation
  • Hans Melo, Chief Executive Officer, Menten AI
  • Neil Abroug, Head of the National Quantum Strategy, Gouvernement Français
  • Oscar Diez, Head of Quantum computing, European Commission
  • Jennifer Houston, Chief Marketing Officer, D-Wave
  • Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer, Classiq Technologies
  • Fengqi You, Chair, PhD Studies, Cornell Systems Engineering
  • Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer at ISARA Corporation
  • Lily Chen, Group Leader, U.S. National Institute of Standards (NIST)
  • Ludovic Perret, Chief Cryptography Officer, CryptoNext Security
  • Bruno Huttner, Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives and Quantum Key Distribution Expert, ID Quantique SA

With regards to the CEO Summit, Dr. John Martinis, the master inventor and CEO of Quantala added: “We have entered an exciting era in quantum computing as many groups are building complex quantum systems out of different physical systems. With a large number of organizations now building quantum computers, an increasingly important metric is component and systems performance.”

Dr. Vikram Sharma, CEO of QuintessenceLabs remarked: “As our lives become increasingly digitized, safeguarding data — our most valuable resource — has never been more critical. The advent of quantum computers at scale, likely within a decade, will challenge methods currently employed to protect sensitive information. Prudent risk management would suggest near-term development of cybersecurity roadmaps that will safeguard against quantum-enabled adversaries — remarkably, quantum-derived technologies are part of the solution.”

This unique event will kick-start provocative discussions to be continued on 10 January 2022 at the Quantum Computing Innovation Summit. This next conference will feature exclusive keynote presentations such as “The Outlook for the Quantum Computing Industry to 2025 and Beyond” by Matt Johnson, CEO of QC Ware.

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