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2022 Editorial Calendar

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Computer Outlook Queue Issue AI & Software – Are We Ready? Artificial Intelligence: End-to-End System-Level Development and Deployment Next-Generation Game Technology Research Reproducibility Technology Predictions International Roadmap for Devices and Systems Startups from Computer Science Research Software Supply Chains Trustworthy AI Smart and Circular Cities
ComputingEdge Embedded Systems, Autonomous Vehicles,
Software Development,
Virtual Reality,
Mobile Computing,
Machine Learning,
Cybersecurity Training
Data Engineering,
Cloud Computing,
Quantum Computing,
Software Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence,
Computer Vision,
Parallel Processing,
Smart Homes
Edge Computing,
Digital Health,
Smart Manufacturing,
Hardware Testing,
High-Performance Chips,
Machine Learning
Data Storage,
Data Visualization,
Computer Vision,
Quantum Computing,
Edge Computing,
Cloud Computing
High-Performance Computing,
Big Data,
Software Evolution,
Artificial Intelligence,
Computer Vision,
Pattern Recognition,
Data Security,
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing The Commercialization of Expert Systems TBA TBA The IT of Demography: Analyzing Population Dynamics with Computers
Computing in Science & Engineering

Track CFPs

The ExCALIBUR Project: Exascale Computing Algorithms and Infrastructures Benefitting UK Research Analytic Rendering and Hardware-Accelerated Simulation for Scientific Applications The 2021 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software: Software Teams Celebration of Jack Dongarra, ACM Turing Award 2022 TBA TBA
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Queue Issue The Role of Visualization in the Manufacturing Industry Machine Learning Approaches in Big Data Visualization Multi-level Graph Representations for Big Data in Science Human-Centered Visualization Approaches to AI Explainability, Interpretability, Understanding, and Ethics Fighting Pandemics with Computer Graphics and Applications
IEEE Intelligent Systems TBA TBA Reasoning with Inconsistent, Incomplete, and Uncertain Knowledge Privacy, Security, and Ethics of Intelligent Systems in Health and Biomedical Research TBA TBA
IEEE Internet Computing Quantum and Post-Moore’s Law Computing Effects of Social Media on Real-World Events Knowledge-Infused Learning Privacy and Trust in Cyber-Pandemics TBA Decentralized Systems
IT Professional Queue Issue Information Hygiene and the Fight against the Misinformation Info-demic Society 5.0: Human-Centric, Decentralized, and Hyperautomated Compiling for Accelerators Responsible, Explainable, and Emotional AI Digitally Cloning the Physical
IEEE Micro TBA Hot Chips Top Picks TBA Artificial Intelligence at the Edge Environmentally Sustainable Computing

Commercial Products 2022

IEEE MultiMedia Multimedia for Personal Health and Healthcare Integrity of Multimedia and Multimodal Data: From Capture to Use TBA Immersive Multimedia in Advanced Edge/Cloud Architectures
IEEE Pervasive Computing Out-of-the-Lab Pervasive Computing Mental Health, Mood, and Emotion Grand Challenges Surveillance
IEEE Software Collaborative Aspects of Open Data in Software Engineering Digital Twins TBA Software Design Trends Supporting Multi-Concern Assurance Bots in Software Engineering AI Engineering: Realizing the Potential of AI
IEEE Security & Privacy Security and Privacy Issues of Home Globalization TBA Formal Methods at Scale Machine Learning Security and Privacy TBA TBA

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