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Learn how to publish and find open access content from IEEE Computer Society publications.

To make computing research more accessible and give authors more options, IEEE Computer Society has launched various Hybrid and Fully Open Access publications. Partial and fully opened research is made freely available to all while following the same high-quality peer-review process that our traditional journals receive. We invite researchers to explore our various Open Access publications.

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For Authors

Authors look to IEEE Computer Society to publish their work because we are the leading authoritative source for computing research. By choosing to make research papers Open Access, authors are able to easily share their research at no cost to others and benefit from a higher number of citations due to the increase in exposure. This is also a great solution for those who are required to publish their work as open access due to government research funding or university consortium funding, including Plan S.

Although the paper would be freely available, all papers must go through the same rigorous peer-review process IEEE Computer Society sets for all its publications. For more information on what that process looks like, please read our frequently asked questions on our peer review process.

Open Access content is fully funded by the authors through an article processing charge (APC) selected at the time of submission. Please visit the IEEE Open Access FAQ’s for further details.


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Hybrid Journals

We are excited to offer authors the option to make their papers Open Access on all our transactions. We currently offer 16+ topical journals focused on various aspects of computing.

Hybrid Magazines

Our award-winning magazines are also happy to offer authors the option to make their papers Open Access. IEEE CS offers authors 12 topical, peer-reviewed magazines focused on various aspects of computing for researchers and professionals.

Open Access Journal

The IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society (OJ-CS) is our Gold Open Access journal, launched in 2020, and is 100% open access. Be among the first to be published on OJ-CS and benefit from rapid publication. Currently, accepted papers that pass our rigorous peer-review process have been able to be published in as quickly as 10 weeks.


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