To Code or Not to Code, That Is the Question
By Grady Booch

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There have been many periods in the unfolding of human history when we have asserted that it was possible to catalog all that was known or that could be known. Ignoring the pragmatic reality of trying to catalog an ever-expanding corpus, one must understand that such a task is further complicated by cultural and situational bias: what is important to know at one place and time is not necessary important in another. So it is with our present day; this raises the question, what must a functioning member of society know about computing?

From IEEE Software’s Issue No. 05 – Sept / Oct 2014



About Grady Booch

Grady Booch is a Chief Scientist of Software Engineering at IBM. He is recognized internationally for improving the art and the science of software development and has served as architect and architectural mentor for numerous complex software-intensive systems around the world. The author of six best-selling books and several hundred articles on computing, he has lectured on topics as diverse as software methodology and the morality of computing. He is an IBM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, an ACM Fellow, a World Technology Network Fellow, and a Software Development Forum Visionary.