History Committee
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The History Committee assists IEEE Computer Society, IEEE, national and international organizations to preserve and document the history of computing, with particular attention to the history of the IEEE Computer Society.

The committee collects and maintains basic quantitative data on the IEEE Computer Society’s efforts; publishes and encourages articles dealing with the historical aspects of the IEEE Computer Society, and manages the IEEE Computer Society archives. The committee maintains liaisons with national and international organizations including the IEEE History Committee, the IEEE History Center, and the IEEE Computer Society Awards Committee.

The History Committee chair is appointed by the president. The chair appoints committee members to provide liaison with IEEE Computer Society, IEEE, national, and international history of computing organizations. The Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing is an ex officio member of the History Committee.

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2023 History Committee

David C. Brock, Chair

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Updated 3/16/23