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There are many opportunities to volunteer, get involved, and help shape the future of computer science and engineering, your profession, and your career.

Call for nominations for Computer Society and other IEEE volunteer positions will be posted here and announced via social media. Opportunities will be posted throughout the year, so come back often to see what is available.

You can also send a note to Tell us about your areas of technical expertise and your volunteer interests, and we’ll get you connected!

For IEEE CS volunteers seeking to fill positions, you may post positions on the IEEE Volunteering website.




  • Computer Society conferences offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, from reviewing paper submissions to planning the conference’s technical program, along with multiple other roles that can help shape and elevate a conference or technical committee. |


  • SWEBOK Evolution initiative volunteer | Contact:
  • Software Engineering Certifications Redesign (In-Person/Virtual) – 12 September 2023

    IEEE Computer Society is currently in the process of redesigning it’s Software Engineering certification. As such, the society is seeking Subject-Matter Experts for an upcoming in-person Job Analysis meeting in the Computer Society office in Los Alamitos, CA. The Job Analysis meeting will be a two-day meeting starting on September 12, 2023.

    During the meeting, we will be discussing the core knowledge and Tasks required to perform as a professional software engineer. Finding a diverse group of Subject-Matter Experts is vital to this process and these SMEs will be asked to discuss what the basic requirements of what software engineers should know at various levels, what experience is required to perform the job, as well as the testing requirements for the soon to be developed Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Software Engineering Certifications.

    During the upcoming meeting, this group will identify a draft list of Task and Knowledge statements required to create the certifications, which will then be used in the process of writing and reviewing the question bank for the certifications.

    This is an integral chance for SMEs to assist in the evolution of our industry and assist in the professional growth of the field in general. If you are unable to attend the in-person September meeting, we will be looking for SMEs to participate in remote item writing/review as well as a few more in-person meetings in the coming months. Please let us know if you have any questions and are available to participate in this process.

    Travel and accommodation will be paid by the society.

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Technical Communities

  • Contact the Technical Committee chair in your area of interest about volunteer opportunities.
  • Member of the Technical Meeting Request Committee (Technical & Conference Activities) | The TMRC shall provide oversight of administrative tasks, guidance for technical meeting committees, and any necessary new methods, tools, and training programs (e.g. webinars) to assist meeting organizers. | View More Details
    • Review and either approve or reject certain technical meeting budgets according to procedures established in the Technical Meeting Handbook.
    • Maintain the IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Meeting Handbook, with the assistance of the appropriate Society staff. The handbook shall include detailed procedures for the conduct of the technical meetings program.
    • Provide an interface between the T&C Board and Society staff to explore administrative matters or procedures that could impact technical meetings and their chairs (e.g., meeting budgets, timely processing conference sponsorship applications, planning support, etc).
    • Facilitate post-meeting analysis with technical meeting chairs wh6.en a conference produced a deficit.
  • Award Committee Members | To serve as judges on the CS Awards and Recognition Committees:

IEEE Computer Society Governance

Other Opportunities

  • IEEE Tech News Contributor | Write articles that highlight trends, how-to’s, best practices, or career advice in your discipline.

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